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Club Membership Info

The Sheridan Park Men's Golf Club is accepting new members!

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  • Club Membership is $140 annually for all members including new members.
  • Members are entitled to:
    • Enjoy Fair, Friendly Competition - with approximately 150 other golf enthusiasts at arguably the most-challenging and interesting municipal golf course in Western NY.
    • Get an Official USGA Handicap which allows them to play in all Club tournaments as well as regional and national golf events hosted the NY State Golf Association (to see schedule click here) and other organizations like WNY Publinks. $25 of each member's membership fee goes directly to the USGA for the handicapping service.
    • Play in all Club Tournaments - we hold two types of tournaments and all members are entitled to play in all of them:
      • Major tournaments - in 2021 there were nine (9) of these. All but one of these (the one being individual President's Cup match play tournament) involve a reserved set of teetimes on weekends and everyone plays at the same time. Most of these award $20 gift certificates as prizes to the top 2 or 3 finishers in each of 3 or 4 different handicap classes (skill levels).
      • Weekly tournaments - each week from Memorial Day to Labor Day we hold a weekly tournament. These allow members to play their "tournament round" anytime during the week as long as they play with another member who scores their round. Each weekly tournament awards $20 gift certificates to the top 2 or 3 competitors in each of three handicap classes.
      • Most tournaments are played at full handicap and most have either 3 or 4 different handicap classes (skill levels) to allow members of varying skill levels to compete fairly
      • Most tournaments award $20 gift certificates to local restaurants and other Club sponsors to tournament winners.
    • Opportunity to Qualify to represent our Club at Tournaments like:
      • Town of Tonawanda Director's Cup played each Fall against the Brighton Park Golf Club
      • Sheridan/Deerwood Challange - played each Fall and against the Deerwood Golf Club each Fall
      • Publinks Team Championship - played each summer against a dozen other local Golf Clubs
  • Attend all Club Parties - most of these parties involve an additional nominal fee and include a nice dinner and beer and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


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