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2010 Town of Tonawanda Director's Cup Results

October 2, 2010 - Sheridan wins it's eighth consecutive Director's Cup tournament.

Congratulations to the Sheridan Club team of Glenn Eberhardt, Bruce Oliver, Dennis Buckley, Guido Burridge, Mike Zimmer, Dana Harrington, Joe Roncone, Jim Clauss, Dave Spindler, Kevin Sawyer, Dave Morgante, Jay Robbins, Tom Gantress, Tom Connors, Brian Engl, and Mike Knott on winning the annual Director's Cup match play tournament against the Brighton Club by a score of 10.5 to 5.5 at Brighton.

Individual match results:

- Glenn Eberhardt (S) def. Nick Krupp (B)

- Bruce Oliver (S) def. Sal Sidoti (B)

- Adrian Voyer (B) def. Dennis Buckley (S)

- Tom Palmeri (B) def. Guido Burridge (S) 

- Mike Zimmer (S) def. Tim Tully (B)

- Dana Harrington (S) def.  Ike Smith (B) 

- Joe Roncone (S) def. Paul Twarozek (B) 

- Jim Clauss (S) def.  Jerry Noack (B) 

- Dave Spindler (S) def.  Dave Buckfelder (B)

- John Edolm Jr. (B) def.  Kevin Sawyer (S) 

- Dave Morgante (S) def.  Anthony Coppolla (B)

- Roger Brick (B) def.  Jay Robbins (S) 

- Tom Gantress (S) def. Dennis Murray (B)

- Tom Connors (S) def. Brad Hamilton (B)

- Brian Engl (S) halved Jack Welch (B)

- John Corrigan (B) def. Mike Knott (S)

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