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The Sheridan Park Golf Club follows all handicapping procedures of the USGA, uses the World Handicap/GHIN System, and is officially licensed by the USGA to provide USGA Handicaps. To visit the World Handicap System website - the definitive source of information on score posting and handicapping rules and practices - click here 

For Current Handicaps - click here:CurrentHandicaps.JPG


important.jfifView these 1 Minut Videos

All members are required to spend 15 minutes watching a series of 1 minute videos on important handicapping and score posting topics that changed recently with the cutover to the World Handicap System. Even if you believe you know the rules, do this anyway, you'll almost certainly learn something new! Click on the Important Information icon to view the information.


  • Capping Excessive Increases in Handicap Indexes - click here

  • Frequency of Handicap Index Updates - click here

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