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2009 Town of Tonawanda Director's Cup

October 3, 2009 - The Sheridan Park Golf Club won the Town of Tonawanda Director's Cup for the 7th consecutive year defeating the Brighton Club 10.5 to 5.5.

Individual match results:

  • Carl Hochworter (B) def Larry Noonan (S)
  • Jim Schreckenberger (S) def Matt Yee (B)
  • Guido Burridge (S) def Mike Sarkissian (B)
  • Jay Rimes (S) def Jerry Ruffino (B)
  • Mike Zimmer (S) halved Art Keller (B)
  • Mike Wawrzyniec (B) def Dana Harrington (S)
  • Paul Coppola (B) def Tim Dean (S)
  • John Haberman (S) def Dave Buckfelder (B)
  • Roger Brick (B) def Kevin Sawyer (S)
  • Dave Morgante (S) def Dennis Murray (B)
  • Chris Robey (S) def Chris Puckett (B)
  • Chuck Partsch (S) def Tony Copolla (B)
  • Glen Gast (S) def Brad Hamilton (B)
  • Jeff Frey (S) def Jim Bartkowski (B)
  • Jim Mohan (S) def Scott Dean (B)
  • John Corrigan (B) def Steve Jensen (S)


Photos (Click on photo for larger version):


The rarest of sights ... Kevin Sawyer CARRYING his clubs! Dave Morgante in the foreground.



Chuck Partsch and Chris Robey enjoy a beer after winning their matches.



Celebration breaks out in the clubhouse when Sheridan's victory was posted! From left, Chuck Partsch, Bill Lindner, John Haberman, Larry Noonan, Bruce McDonald, Dana Harrington, and Chris Robey.


Nice job gentlemen!

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