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2011 Director's Cup

October 8, 2011 - Sheridan defended it's home turf winning the 2011 Director's Cup against a tenacious team from Brighton. Sheridan won 14 to 6 - although everyone agreed it was closer than the final score indicated.

Individual match results:

  • Don Minderler (S) def Kim Backstrom (B) 3 and 2
  • Dave Frank (S) def Ken Full (B) 5 and 4
  • Doug Zagarrigo (B) def Jay Rimes (S) 2 and 1
  • Dana Auman (B) def Dennis Buckley (S) 2 Up
  • Joe Roncone (S) def Dave Buckfelder (B) 3 and 2
  • Jim Derrigan (B) def Steve Brooks (S) 3 and 1
  • Mike Zimmer (S) def Mike Wawrzyniec (B) 2 Up
  • Tim Dean (S) d Mark Conwell 4 and 3
  • B.J. Nienhaus (S) d Brad Hamilton (B) 2 Up
  • Tom Osborn (S) def Keith Holmes (B) 5 and 4
  • Dave Spindler (S) def Anthony Coppola (B) 2 Up
  • Jay Robbins (S) def Ken Czyz (B) 3 and 2
  • Vince Puglia Jr (S) def Jim Bartkowski (B) 5 and 4
  • Kris Boyes (S) def John Corrigan (B) 1 Up
  • Glen Gast (S) def Paul Marranca (B) 8 and 7
  • Frank Garcia Jr. (B) def Tom Conners (S) 3 and 2
  • Frank Buell (S) def Joe Ball (B) 6 and 5
  • Scott Wilson (S) def Don Mesel (B) 3 and 2
  • Dave Schiffmacher (B) def Mike Giallella (S) 1 Up
  • Chuck Rypysc (B) def Pat Conner (S) 6 and 5


Special thanks to Sheridan Co-Vice Presidents Dave Spindler and Jim Duggan for all the work they put into making this event a success and to Brighton's President Rob Copolla and his team for all the work he did bringing the Brighton team together. Thanks as well to all of the participants - we sure had a great day to play and I hope everyone enjoyed the experience.

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