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2021 Individual President's Cup Tournament

The President's Cup tournaments are match play tournaments. For the Individual President's Cup - we have three brackets this year. Each bracket sheet is posted in the Men's Locker Room in the Clubhouse and a photo of each bracket is below. 

*Important* - the Club does not schedule these matches. It is the responsibility of members to contact their opponent, schedule the match, and write the result on the sheet in the Locker Room. The winner should immediately contact their next opponent. If you need a phone number or email ID for your next opponent, simply email the Club at

Each round has a target date to play the matches. It's not a 'hard date' - but we can't complete the tournament if these dates slide so do your best to complete your match by that date. If a match is not completed by the date - the Tournament Committee reserves the right to flip a coin to determine the winner of the match to keep the tournament progressing.


  • All matches are played with handicap - the lower handicap player plays scratch and the other gets a handicap based on the difference of their handicaps. For example: if a 12 handicap plays a 16 handicap, the 16 handicap gets 1 stroke on each of the 4 hardest holes based on hole handicaps on the scorecard.
  • All local rules apply as well as all USGA rules. You can concede holes and not all holes need to be completed - standard match play rules apply.
  • All matches must be played until there is a winner - if you are tied after 18, please ask the starter to go back out and continue playing and the handicap holes continue into the sudden death playoff. If you or your opponent got a stroke on a Hole in the 1st time through the course, that same stroke applies to the playoff.
  • Once a winner is determined, the winner should immediately mark the result on the sheets in the Clubhouse and contact their next opponent to schedule that match.
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