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Director's Cup

Sept 29, 2012 - 16th Town of Tonawanda Directors Cup at Brighton

The Sheridan Park Golf Club won it 10th Consecutive Town of Tonawanda Director's Cup by a final score of 11.5 to 6.5 over the Brighton Park Golf Club. Brighton roared out to an early 4.5 to 1.5 lead in the Class C matches, but Sheridan won three of the four Class A and Class B matches and then swept the Class AA matches to win. 

Individual Match Results

Class C
Don Messel (Brighton) def Kevin Conway (Sheridan)          (Brighton 1, Sheridan 0)
Brian Baumgartner (Sheridan) def Tom Dunn (Brighton)     (Brighton 1, Sheridan 1)
Mark Prohaska (Brighton) def Dave Enders (Sheridan)       (Brighton 2, Sheridan 1)
Charlie Quirin (Brighton) def Larry Noonan (Sheridan)        (Brighton 3, Sheridan 1)
Jon Annas (Brighton) def Dennis Buckley (Sheridan)           (Brighton 4, Sheridan 1)
Mike Venurta (Brighton) halved Jim Inzinna (Sheridan)       (Brighton 4.5, Sheridan 1.5)

Class B
John Staerker (Sheridan) def Kim Backstrom (Brighton)      (Brighton 4.5, Sheridan 2.5)
Kevin Backstrom (Brighton) def Tim Dean (Sheridan)          (Brighton 5.5, Sheridan 2.5)
Mike Zimmer (Sheridan) def Paul Coppola (Brighton)          (Brighton 5.5, Sheridan 3.5)
Joe Venezina (Sheridan) def Dana Auman (Brighton)         (Brighton 5.5, Sheridan 4.5)

Class A
Roger Brick (Brighton) def Dave Spindler (Sheridan)           (Brighton 6.5, Sheridan 4.5)
Tom Osborn (Sheridan) def Dave Buckfelder (Brighton)      (Brighton 6.5, Sheridan 5.5)
Kevin Kush (Sheridan) def Brad Hamilton (Brighton)           (Brighton 6.5, Sheridan 6.5)
Joe Gugino (Sheridan) def Dennis Murray (Brighton)           (Sheridan 7.5, Brighton 6.5)

Class AA
John Haberman Jr (Sheridan) def Chris Puckett (Brighton)  (Sheridan 8.5, Brighton 6.5)
Glen Gast (Sheridan) def Jack Welch (Brighton)                    (Sheridan 9.5, Brighton 6.5)
Brian Engl (Sheridan) def Damian Annas (Brighton)              (Sheridan 10.5, Brighton 6.5)
Mike Knott (Sheridan) def John Corrigan (Brighton)              (Sheridan 11.5, Brighton 6.5)

Both Clubs pick their teams for this event based on the order of finish in their Club Championships. At Sheridan, the top 3 finishers are asked to play and each Class winner gets a captain's pick.

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