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Tournament Signups

Tournaments are only for Paid Members of the Sheridan Park Golf Club

Tournament Signups are now open for the following 3 Club Tournaments - please read and follow the instructions on how to include yours and your partner's names and cell phone numbers for President's Cup matches.

2-Man President's Cup - Saturday May 8th
    • This is a season-long single elimination Match Play tournament for 2-man teams. All participants must be available to play the 1st round matches on Saturday May 8th when the Club will have a block of teetimes reserved for these matches. After the kickoff matches, members of the winning teams are responsible for contacting their next opponent and scheduling their next match - the Club does not schedule matches nor reserve teetimes beyond  the 1st round. PLEASE read and follow the directions which ask you to include your cell phone number and your partner's name and cell phone number in the comments - this is to facilitate communications setting up matches.
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4-Man Scramble - Sunday May 23rd - 
    • This is a fun 4-man scramble and where all members signed up are assigned to teams based on their handicap index in such a way that all teams will have similar total handicap. Great way to meet more people and get the opportunity to play with members you don't typically play golf with. Just sign yourself up and shortly before the event we'll publish the teams.
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Individual President's Cup
    • This is a season-long single elimination Match Play tournament for individuals. Typically there are four handicap classes and the winners of each handicap class get gift certificates with the overall winner getting the largest prize. There is no scheduled kickoff date for these matches - all matches need to be schedule by members with their scheduled opponent. We'll take signups until probably April 30th and publish a bracket with matches on or around May 1st. If you have a restrictive work schedule and little availability to play golf, please consider not signing up for this. The winner of the event has to win 6 matches over the course of the event so scheduling matches with your next opponent can be difficult for individuals with restrictive schedules.
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