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Hole-in-1 Club

Our Club runs a Hole-in-1 Club each season. Members pay $10 to get into the Club and any member who hits a Hole-in-1 at Sheridan then gets a share of that pool of money year's end.


Here's the Rules:

1) You gotta be in it to win it - a portion of the pool can only be claimed by members who paid the $10 prior to their having a hole-in-1

2) Any hole at Sheridan counts but holes-in-1 by Sheridan Club members at other courses do not count

3) You must be playing with an active Sheridan Club Member who can attest to your hole-in-1 and signs your scorecard

4) You have to complete all 18 holes


If you have any questions or want to report a Hole-in-1 simply email the Club at

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