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Hole-in-1 Club

Our Club runs a Hole-in-1 pool each season. Members pay $10 to get into the pool and any member who hits a Hole-in-1 at Sheridan and meets the following requirements will win a share of that pool of money year's end. The pool ends at the Fall Party each year.


Here's the Rules:

1) You gotta be in it to win it - a portion of the pool can only be claimed by members who paid the $10 entry fee prior to their having the Hole-in-1

2) At Sheridan Only - A Hole-in-1 made at Sheridan between the time the course opens in the Spring and the Club's Fall Party counts, but note that Holes-in-1 by Sheridan Club members at courses other than Sheridan do not count. 

  • Note that a Hole-in-1 made from the Forward/Gold Tees does qualify but only if the entire round is played from the gold tees. If you’re playing White or Blue tees, you cannot play from the Gold Tees on the Par 3s. 
  • However, a Hole-in-1 made on Hole 11 from the Forward/Gold tees when the Gold tees are improperly placed just on the other side of the creek from the hole (next to the Ladies tees) does not qualify. The Gold Tees are never supposed to be next to the Red on that hole but it has happened by accident. Allowing a Hole-In-1 in this case would give Members playing the Forward (Gold) tees a dramatically unfair advantage over Members playing from the White tees.

3) Attested by a Member - You must be playing with an active member of the Sheridan Park Golf Club who attests to your Hole-in-1 and signs your scorecard

4) All 18 - You must complete all 18 holes 


If you have any questions or want to report a Hole-in-1 simply email the Club at

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