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Course Information

This website is for the members of the Men's Golf Club that plays at the Sheridan Park Golf Course in Tonawanda NY. While we play at the Sheridan Park Golf Course, the golf course is managed by the Town of Tonawanda.

For information about the golf course including phone numbers, rates, and teetimes please use the links below:

 Town of Tonawanda Golf Courses Website


For Course Phone Number, Rates, and Teetimes please click here

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to View 2023 Scorecard click below

FRONT 9                  BACK 9   

Course Ratings and Handicap Tables

In July 2022 the NY State Golf Association's Course Rating team ascended on Sheridan at our Club's request to update the Course Rating on the Gold Tees because we moved some of them forward to make a better experience for those playing from the Gold (Forward) Tees. The team updated the Ratings for all of the tees. 
The Results of the new ratings are shown:
  • in this Certification document - click here
  • in this Course Measurements document - click here
  • in these Handicap Index charts (note there's one chart for each tee) - click here

Quickly Convert your handicap index to a course handicap for a specific set of tees.

Gold Tees       White Tees        Blue Tees

Gold Tee Marker.JPG  White Tee Marker.JPG    Blue tee marker.JPG



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