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Message from the Club President

January 1, 2022


Gentlemen, Happy New Year to you all and welcome to the 2022 golf season at Sheridan.

This is Mike Zimmer and I'm excited to announce that I am Club President this year. I want to thank Keith Sawyer for serving as Club President again in 2021 (his 4th year as President - having also been President from 1998 to 2000). Keith isn't going anywhere as he and I have switched roles with him now having the role of Vice President. Mark Dominguez continues as our Club Treasurer and we should all thank Mark again and again for all the work he does for our Club! John Haberman (Jr) will also continue in his role on the Executive Board. Also back on the Board in 2022 are Bob Cohan, Jim Duggan, Mike Giallella, Kevin Kopec, and Scott Wilson with Denny Nettina Jr joining the Board this year replacing Frank Buell whose term has ended. Thanks to John, Bob, Jim, Mike, and Kevin for everything they do behind the scenes and thank you Frank for your contributions as well!

While we have an awesome Board of Directors, I want to encourage every member to volunteer to help out. Volunteer to help man the signup table before your teetime at tournaments, to help at the scorers table, and/or to setup/cleanup at Club parties. The more members we have helping out and providing input the more fun this will be for everyone! I also want to encourage each and every member to think about how the Club could be better and to communicate their suggestions to me via this email ID. I'm not asking for complaints - I'm asking for thoughtful suggestions and I'll note that suggestions that you're willing to help implement are the most likely to be adopted. We're all looking to have more fun and it's not just up to the 10 guys on the Board to make everything happen.

Attached below is the 2022 Membership Letter. You'll notice that dues are being increased $20 which is the first increase in 6 years. The USGA charges a rate per member for the GHIN handicap system and that rate gets increased almost every year. The Club has been absorbing those increases the last 6 years but we can't do that forever. We also experimented last year with raising the prize money for tournament winners and we had tremendously positive feedback on the larger prizes. Some of the money to fund those increased prizes came from our sponsors and I'd like to give another huge THANK YOU to Scotty Wilson who did such a fabulous job recruiting more sponsors and getting existing sponsors to increase their commitments to our Club last year. The Board unanimously voted to increase dues this year to cover the ever rising cost of the GHIN system, to help fund further increases to tournament and door prizes, and to cover other costs the Club incurs with the additional tournaments we've added.

I'm also excited to announce that we are well down the path of scheduling new Ryder Cup style matches against two other Clubs. Bob Cohan has been instrumental in getting discussions started with the Elma Meadows Club and the Dande Farms Club. Those matches will be in the Fall and once dates are locked in we'll announce them and how every member will have the opportunity to qualify to represent our Club in those matches.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and that you're as excited as I am about our 2022 golf season. I can't wait to see you all out there!


Mike Zimmer


2022 Membership Letter - Click here


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