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Course Rating and Slope Change

The Sheridan Park Golf Course was rerated by the USGA at the end of 2009 and the Slope and Course Rating both increased. The new Slope and Course Rating went into effect in the USGA GHIN handicap system when the #11 tee was reopened in June.  This had a minimal effect on our Club Handicaps and the July 2nd Handicaps already reflect the change.  


Remember, handicaps are posted as two numbers, a Handicap Index (the Index column) and a Course Handicap (Handicap column). The second number is NOT a rounding of the first. The Handicap Index is a measurement of a player’s potential ability on a course of standard playing difficulty. It is expressed as a number taken to one decimal place. This is the number you carry from course to course as a measure of your potential.


A Course Handicap is the number of handicap strokes a player receives from a specific set of tees at the course being played (the White Tees at Sheridan in our Club’s case) to adjust his scoring ability to the level of scratch or 0-handicap golfer. A Course Handicap is determined by applying the player’s USGA Handicap Index to a Course Handicap Table or Course Handicap Formula. A player’s Course Handicap is expressed as a whole number of strokes.


To see the new Course Handicap Table for our Club - click here

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