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Rules of Play -and- Constitution and By-Laws of the Sheridan Park Golf Club

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Rules for Club Play

·        HOLE 1 – All roads including the driveway and parking lot of the Noco Pavillion and Ensminger Rd (behind the green) are Out of Bounds. Ball drop area west (left) of water at the footbridge. The bare ground behind the left sand trap is Ground Under Repair.

·        HOLE 2 - Fence to right of tee, use obstruction rule.

·        HOLE 3 - Roads to right of and behind green are Out of Bounds. The mound (berm) lining the right side of the fairway is not Ground Under Repair.

·        HOLE 5 - Stakes to left, edge of water, road to left is Out of Bounds. Fence behind green is Out of Bounds – no relief.

·        HOLE 6 - Fence posts on left mark Out of Bounds (NO swing relief from fence posts).

·        HOLE 7 - Fence posts on left mark Out of Bounds (NO swing relief from fence posts). Water to right is lateral hazard. Mound/Berm to the right of fairway (approx. 280 yards from tee) is Ground Under Repair.

·        HOLE 8 - Road to left (marked by white line) is Out of Bounds.

·        HOLE 9 - Stakes to right of and behind green as well as parking lot are Out of Bounds.

·        HOLE 10 - Road and sidewalk on right is Out of Bounds. Fence south of Club House (enclosing golf carts) is Out of Bounds. This includes cement base of fence. Fences north of Clubhouse are protective - this includes the practice green. Protective fence behind the green gets relief.

·        HOLE 11 - Road on right (Sheridan Drive) is Out of Bounds. Fence behind green is protective (so you do get relief). Road behind green is Out of Bounds. Heavy grass area to the left of fairway and rough are considered lateral hazard – drop at nearest point of entry. Ball located on grass behind the green between the fence and the road (East Park Dr) is considered in bounds and player may take 2 club relief inside the fence no closer to the hole.

·        HOLE 12 – Hole will be lined entirely in yellow (water hazard). Drop area for balls landing in the water hazard off tee shot (whether directly in or off a tree that is within the hazard) is located on other side of the water in designated drop area at end of cart path. A ball that lands on the other side of the water but rolls back into the water much be played either from edge of water where it entered or from designated Drop Zone. 

·        HOLE 13 - Road behind green is Out of Bounds. Fence behind green is protective.

·        HOLE 14 – Areas around Parks Department maintenance area on right are marked WHITE (Out of Bounds) but our Club plays this as a lateral hazard for the entire length of the hole. A Drop Zone adjacent to the foot bridge should be utilized to improve pace of play. Roads right of and behind green are Out of Bounds. Fence to right of the green is protective.

o   For balls in the water, if all players in the group concur that the ball crossed the hazard and has then bounced or rolled back into the water, player may drop at nearest point of entry with one stroke penalty assessed. Player is entitled to relief even if he cannot identify his ball in the water.

o   A ball coming to rest against the fence around maintenance area or against the foundation of the maintenance building does not get relief and ball must be played as it lies or as an unplayable.

o   Balls coming to rest inside or against the fence around weather station gets one club relief – not nearer the hole. Since the weather station is considered a man-made hazard you also get swing relief and line of sight relief.

·        HOLE 16 - Fence to left is Out of Bounds. Road behind green is Out of Bounds. Guard rail behind green is an obstruction. Drop area located on tee side of bridge for ball assumed lost in trees to the left.

·        HOLE 17 - Roads on left and behind green are Out of Bounds. Staked area from road to creek is Out of Bounds. Water from tee to GRASS BRIDGE/Out of Bounds stakes is LATERAL hazard. Fence to left of fairway and the green is protective. Bare ground behind green is Ground Under Repair. On a tee ball hit to the left, unless player can see their ball come to rest from the tee, he should assume it lost and declare and hit a provisional. The area of the creek between Out of Bounds stakes is considered Out of Bounds.

·        HOLE 18 - Fence behind the green is protective.


** New for 2019 **

·        150 Yard Posts - All 150 yard marker posts are considered man-made hazards so you do get swing relief and line of sight relief.

·        Reforestation - downed trees, tree stumps, and surrounding areas that haven’t been mowed are considered as ground under repair. Small mounds of dirt that were removed to plant new trees are also Ground Under Repair. You are entitled to relief from new staked trees under the Immovable Obstruction rule.

·        USGA Local Rule E-5 -Alternative to Stroke and Distance for Lost Ball or Ball Out of Bounds - This USGA Local Rule is intended to speed the pace of play by providing an alternative to a player returning to the spot of the previous shot in the event of a lost ball or a ball out of bounds. It allows the player to take a drop in the nearest spot of the fairway (within two club-lengths of the edge of the fairway), no nearer the hole than where the ball crossed the OB line, with a two-stroke penalty. The same local rule applies to a lost ball, with the player able to drop in the fairway across from where the previous ball is estimated to have come to rest.

·        This will significantly speed up play by not forcing somebody to go backwards on the course to replay a shot after learning that a ball is out of bounds (or lost).

·        For example, if a player sends a tee shot out of bounds and proceeds under this local rule, they will play their fourth shot after dropping near the edge of the fairway. This is the same as them taking the stroke-and-distance penalty, returning to the tee, and then hitting a drive to the edge of the fairway – either way they the next shot is their fourth. If you’re not sure, hit a provisional, if you end up not being able to find your ball or its out of bounds, do not go backwards on the course – use this Local Rule.  


PROTECTIVE FENCE RULING - Take swing relief and line of sight relief (if needed) no nearer hole. Please do not hit over protective fences. No penalty incurred.

OB = OUT OF BOUNDS Appropriate section of the Rules of Golf apply.

Constitution and By-Laws of the Sheridan Park Golf Club

Articles 1 and 2 have been deleted. They merely stated the obvious, that we were a golf club playing at the Sheridan Park Golf Course.


Section A - The annual dues of this club shall be determined by a majority of the Board of Directors at their January meeting.

Section B - The membership shall be from March 1 to the last day of February of the following year.

Section C - All dues are payable to the club Treasurer by March 1.

Section D - All candidates for club membership shall sign an application which must be approved and signed by two club members in good standing who, by signing agree on the applicant's good character. When suitable information has been received by the Club Board, a vote for membership shall be taken. A majority vote is needed for the applicant to be accepted.

Section E - An initiation fee in addition to annual dues will be levied to new members their first year. This fee to be determined by the Board. New applicants will be notified in a timely manner.

Section F - The Secretary will be given free annual dues. The Treasurer and the Handicap Chairman will be given a fee set by the Board.

Section G - Members entering Armed Forces will be classified as inactive. After six months of their return , with payment of annual dues, they will be reinstated.

Sec. H The number of members shall be left to the discretion of the Board.


Any member whose conduct appears to endanger the good name and character of the club can be expelled by a majority vote of the club Board. No vote shall be taken until said party has been notified either in person, by phone, or by letter. This person shall have five days to ask for a hearing before the Board to defend himself. If said person fails to respond to the notification, it will be assumed he does not wish to challenge the charges. The Board will then proceed with the vote.

ARTICLE 5 - Board of Directors

Section A - The Board of Directors shall consist of at least eight and no more than fifteen members. The said members shall manage and control the affairs of the club, elect the members thereof, select the Chairmanship of the various committees needed, and take cognizance of all infractions of the Constitution and By-Laws.

Section B - Each Director shall be elected to a term of three years. Any Director at the end of his term may nominate himself for another three year term, and if elected, serve again. There is no waiting period between terms.

Section C - The yearly term for Directors shall be from the annual Fall Party of one year to the next. The annual Fall Party shall be held in the month of November.

Section D - The Board of Directors shall not authorize any expenditures or indebtedness beyond the income of the club.

Section E - Any Director who misses two consecutive meetings without a reasonable cause accepted by the Board, shall be notified by the Secretary, that lack of attendance at the next meeting shall be taken as his desire to resign.

Section F - Nominations for the Board of Directors shall be done by posting a notice on the club room bulletin board. This notice will direct any interested member to sign the notice on the appropriate line expressing his desire to run for a board seat. When, and if, any Board members term is up, a ballot containing all the names on the sign up sheet will be mailed, by the Secretary, to all members. Members will return their ballots by mail, prior to the annual Fall Party. Results of the voting will be announced at the Fall Party,

Section G - If a Board member resigns before his term is finished, the Board may wish to replace him for the remainder of his term. An alternate Board member would then be chosen to finish his term. An alternate Board member is one who did not garner enough votes to be elected. The Board must chose the alternate who had the most votes of the alternates.

ARTICLE 6 - Officers

Section A - The Officers of the club shall be, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section B - The Board, at the December meeting, shall elect the above named Officers for the coming year.

Section C - The President will preside over all meetings, issue calls for other meetings, and shall appoint the various standing and special committees. He shall have no vote on Board matters requiring a vote. Only in the event of a tie, will he be allowed to vote.

The Vice President will assume the duties of the President in his absence. However, the Vice President will still retain his vote.

The Treasurer will be the custodian of the club money and property. He will also be responsible to the Secretary for membership cards. The Treasurer will make a financial statement to the membership at the annual Fall Party.

The Secretary will notify the Board of all meetings, keep records of attendance, issue all notices of the club, make and keep a true record of meetings of the Board and of the club. He shall have custody of the Constitution and By-Laws, conduct the correspondence of the club and issue all such notifications.


Section A - Golf and publicity shall have a chairman who will select his own committee to work with. It will prepare a list of club events for the season, issue the rules of play, and be court of final decision in all disputes relating to play in club events. It shall incur no obligations unless approved by the Board. It will take responsibility for all publicity of the club. It shall determine, prior to the season, the distribution of prizes and record same on the events program.

Handicap shall have a chairman who will select his own committee to take charge of the club members handicap. Handicaps are to be posted at least once a month and if necessary, penalize any member for a violation of the rules which might affect his handicap.

Entertainment shall have a chairman who will select his own committee who will have charge of all social activities of the club.

Membership and Welfare shall have a chairman who will select his own committee, take charge of all matters pertaining to membership. This committee will review all new applications and consult the Board on possible acceptance and to notify the applicant of the decision.

Prizes shall have a chairman who will select his own committee to obtain and award prizes as soon as possible. To event winners Trophies and special prizes will be awarded at the Fall Party.

Rules and Greens shall have a chairman who will select his own committee to set up and supervise all rules pertaining to play, Match or Medal. It shall be the duty of this committee to referee all matches where needed. The committee will govern the rules for inter-club matches.

Finance and budget shall have a committee who will select his own committee to supervise and control the clubs expenditures. The chairman of this committee must be the Treasurer. This committee will prepare an operating budget prior to each season. It will receive and record all moneys of the club. It shall also be the duty of this committee to see that all committees adhere to the provisions of the budget and to audit the club books at the end of each fiscal year.

ARTICLE 8 - Amendments

Section A - All amendments to the By-Laws of this club shall be proposed by the Board of Directors and shall be voted on by the general membership at the Spring or Fall Party only. The proposal must receive a majority vote of those present to amend. Any amendment approved by the membership must be inserted in to the By-Laws within thirty days.

Section B - All members must be notified at least thirty days prior to the general meeting of any proposed amendment.

Section C - The Board of Directors shall meet a least once a month throughout the year. Two general meetings shall be held each year. One in the Spring, the other in November. The time and place to be determined by the Board of Directors and the Entertainment chairman.

This revised printing of the Constitution and By-Laws was done In March of 2004. Some wording was changed to better express the meaning of the articles. The intent of the articles was not changed. Over the years many amendments were made to the original By-Laws. Many recordings of these are lost to history.

Below is a list of known amendments:


Sec. H Amended April 1st 1960
Sec. I Amended April 1st 1960
Sec. B Amended Nov. 9th 1963
Sec. A Amended Nov. 9th 1963
Sec.A1 Added to By-Laws Nov. 13th 1971
Sec. I Deleted May 1973

Sec. B Amended Nov. 1962

Sec. D Amended April 1972

Sec. A Amended Nov. 1974
Sec.A1 Amended April 1982
Sec. A Amended Nov. 1984

ARTICLE 9 - Lifetime Membership - Very early copies of the By-Laws do not have this article. However, later copies do have it. Just when it was added is not known.

Any member who, because of advancing age, or medical condition, is unable to play more than a few holes of golf at any one time, but still wishes to be a part of the social activities of the club, may at the discretion of the Board, be awarded a lifetime membership. Any member who accepts this lifetime membership must understand that their handicap will no longer be listed on the handicap sheet. No annual dues will be required and a "Lifetime Member" card will be issued.This type of award will only be given to members who, in the past, have shown a willingness to help the club in their many tasks.


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