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2-Man President's Cup - Round 2 Teetimes

In order to make scheduling 2nd round matches easier we have secured a block of teetimes for Sunday June 13th for 2nd round matches of the 2-Man President's Cup Tournament. Here's the teetimes:

8:32 -  Rechin/Rechin vs. Tedesco/Morgante
8:40 -  Lipps/Spindler vs. Osborn/Osborn
8:48 -  Gullia/Allen vs. Scive/Wilson
8:56 -  Mergenhagen/Sagasta vs. J Henesey/Bogdan
9:04 – Sutton/Buell vs. Engl/Boyes
9:12 -  Partsch/Nienhaus vs. Zarcone/Sweat
9:20 -  Smitty/Glofka vs. Dean/Staerker
9:28 -  P Henesey/T Conners vs. Souter/Nieminen

If you have already completed your match of for whatever reason will NOT need this teetime please notify me (Mike Zimmer) immediately so we can provide that teetime to other club members and not WASTE teetimes the Town was so kind as to provide us.

If you won't use this teetime please send an email to or call me at 510-5153.


Mike Zimmer

Club President

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