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2010 Letter to Members

The following letter is being mailed to all members. It's also available as a PDF file to facilitate printing - click here to see that file   


Dear Member, 


2009 was another fantastic year for our Club and the Board is hard at work planning for an even better 2010 season. We’re adding two new tournaments, splitting the Club Championship Qualifier into two days to speed up play and making a few other minor changes.


New Tournaments – we’re adding a 2-man President’s Cup and a Spring 4-man scramble.

· 2-Man President’s Cup – this joins the existing President’s Cup and like that is match play at full handicap. The 2-man will be Best Ball. Both are single-elimination tournaments that run throughout the summer. 

· Spring Mixer – this is a new tournament and will involve members signing up as individuals and the Tournament Committee creating teams consisting of an AA, A, B and C class player (where possible) that compete in a 4-man scramble format. The idea is to give members a chance to meet and play with other members they wouldn’t normally play with.

Look for more details on each event on our website and in the Clubhouse.


Fall Scramble Renamed the Memorial Scramble – to honor the memory of members who made great personal contributions to the club the Board has voted to call the Fall 4-Man Scramble the Memorial Scramble and will vote each year to select a deceased member to honor and a new plaque has been created for the clubhouse with the names of those honored. 2008’s Tournament was dedicated to Doug Sawyer, 2009 to Joe Pingatore, and 2010 will be in memory of Paul ‘Buzz’ Boehler (aka ‘Sledge’).


Member Services Directory – In 2009 we started a Member Services directory where members can list their businesses and offer professional services to other members. If you’d like to get listed in the directory please add your information to the portion you return with your dues. The directory is on our website and posted in the locker room at the course.


New Policies - The Board has voted to enforce USGA Rules for handicap posting to ensure fair competition in all Club events:


1. “You gotta be in it to win it” - in order to win any club tournament (including weekly tournaments) your score must be posted in the Handicap system. We will check before prizes are awarded and if your score is not in the handicap computer you don’t win.

2. Posting Tournament Scores - also new is that all tournament scores must be marked as Tournament scores in the GHIN system. This includes any rounds played in club tournaments (including weekly tournaments) where a player records his own score and excludes scrambles. The Club will remind members at tournament check-in and will check to ensure that all players who competed posted a tournament score.


The USGA Handicap System allows for fair competition between golfers of varying skill levels. The foundation of that system is accurate posting of all scores. Our club is licensed by the USGA to provide official USGA handicaps and we must follow their handicapping rules or risk losing our license. The Board is committed to ensuring all members are posting all scores accurately so the handicap system can do its job in providing for fair competition in our events.


2010 Event Schedule 

·        April 17th – Spring Party at Brounschidle Post     

·        May 16th – Spring Mixer (New Tournament)

·        June 6th -  2-Man Scramble

·        June 27th - Senior Club Championship

·        July 9th and 10th – Invitational

·        July 24th – Club Championship Qualifier for B and C Classes

·        July 25th - Club Championship Qualifier for AA and A Classes

·        July 31st and August 1st  – Club Championship Finals

·        August 11th – Steak Roast at Gallery Grill (new location)

·        September 19th – Memorial 4-man Scramble

·        November 13th – Fall Party at Brounschidle Post


Club Membership dues remain the same at $80.00. Membership provides you with an official USGA handicap and makes you eligible to participate in club events. New member applications are available at Lindner’s Golf Shop and on our website (


Please make checks payable to:

Sheridan Park Golf Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 99

Kenmore, NY 14217-0099


Please print and return this portion with your check:

If your address or phone #s have changed please update below and return with your dues


Name: _______________________________            Phone: _______________________

Address: _____________________________             Alternate Phone: _______________

              _____________________________             eMail: ________________________

Member Services Listing (optional):

    Name of Company ___________________ Products/Services:_____________________


Do you plan to attend the Spring Party on April 17th?    Yes:______   No:________

If you’re planning to attend the Spring Party, you can save $5 by adding $10 to your check now to avoid $15 charge at the door. Just make your check for $90.


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