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Special Offer for Club Members from Lindner’s Golf

Lindner’s Golf, one of our longtime club sponsors, has recently acquired the new Mizuno Performance Fitting System with revolutionary Shaft Optimizer tool and is offering a free shaft analysis exclusively for Club Members.


The analysis takes about 20 minutes and involves Club Members scheduling an appointment to visit Lindner’s. You’ll hit a few iron shots with a special club with a computerized swing analyzer that measures 5 critical swing elements – club head speed, swing tempo, toe down, kick angle, and release factor. These are then input into a computer which analyzes the data and recommends shafts that will optimize your results. You can then try hitting the recommended shafts to get a feel for the right shaft and discuss the advantages of these versus your existing shafts with the golf professionals at Lindner’s.


Click here to see video of the process


If you’re looking to improve your game without changing your swing - why buy clubs off the shelf with no knowledge of how they match your swing when you can get custom-fitted for shafts and irons that will optimize your results. If you’re looking for new irons or even just wondering if different shafts on your current set might help improve your game call Lindner’s at 874-1110 and schedule a free shaft analysis now.

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